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Uniform code is compulsory for Junior College Students.

Students must carry their Identity Cards with them.

Students must behave decently. They should be polite to the staff and other students.

Vehicles must be parked at the parking place only.

Students must not bunk lectures/ Practical.

Weapons that may cause physical injury are prohibited on the campus.

Writing anything in the walls of classroom or toilet, throwing scraps anywhere on the campus is prohibited.

The furniture, lamps, fans etc in the classroom should be used carefully .No damage should in any way be caused to the college property.

Students will have to follow all rules made by laboratories, library.

Study tours cab be arranged only by the permission of the principals. College will not be responsible for the tours conducted without permission.

Students will participate and constructively co-operate in all extra curricular, co-curricular and cultural activities organized by the college.

Use of unfair means and copy material in the examinations in a punishable offence.

Original Certificates once submitted will not be returned.

Strict action will be taken if any alternations in documents are made.

The examinations forms will be detained if students are having less than 75% attendance.

Students will have to observe all other regulations made from time to time by the college authorities.

Student’s progress will be informed to the parents periodically.


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