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Welcome! K. K. Wagh Secondary School & Junior College


Mission:- Our basic aim is to impart quality education, overall development & firm belief in hard work and giving the society good, intelligent disciplined & responsible young citizens who will be ready to face the challenges in this complex and competitive age. The mission of K K. Wagh Secondary School & Jr. College is to provide a stimulating teaching & learning environment & give equal opportunities to anyone who wants to be involved in this life long quest for learning.


“Our school is a gardener, planting seeds of faith, truth and love that develop into the fairest flowers of character, virtue and happiness in the lives of our children. Adorned with sprawling lush green campus, the school wishes to broaden the overall perspective. “The school is a temple and knowledge is power”. And we are developing multi-faced personality in our child. Childhood is like a mirror, which reflects in after life the images first presented to it. It is better to keep children to their duty, by sense of honor and by kindness than by fear.”


Annual Social Gathering 2017-18
Indo shrilanka Tennis Ball Cricket

Scout Guide Missal Pav Activity
Scout Guide Flag Hosting